The Challenge


Known as one of the toughest challenges on earth, made more difficult by raging seas, howling winds, sharks, blisters and salt rashes, sunstroke and sleep deprivation, there is little wonder that a mere 500 people have completed it, whilst almost ten times that number have been to the summit of Mount Everest and nearly twice the number have been into space.


Alan and Mark will be challenged physically and mentally whilst rowing a constant, relentless shift-pattern of two hours on and two hours off, using their down time only to eat, make water, make repairs and attempt to catch up on well deserved rest- in a boat not much bigger than a standard family car.

This relentless shift pattern will be most difficult in the early days as bodies, internal clocks, eating and sleep patterns adjust. This is the most difficult time psychologically when you are struggling with change and so close to shore.


In order to keep body and soul together for the duration the guys will have to eat at least 50Kcal for each Kilo of Body weight per day, which equates to approx 5000Kcal per day – this will mostly be made up from freeze dried packets.

As a bit of a motivator  – the guys will be be given a snack bag to keep them going at night which includes peanuts, sweets, and of course the absolute favourite… chocolate.

Even with this level of calorie intake to support the daily activity, the calorie deficit will be incredible at almost 5000kCal per day, so on the crossing they can expect to lose almost 15 KG in bodyweight.


Energy will be absolutely critical to the crossing and not only calorific energy that you can eat, we will only get electricity from harvesting the suns rays using 2 solar panels, and cooking will be carried out on a Jetboil cooker which will be our only source of greenhouse gases throughout our entire crossing – meaning we’ll have a tiny carbon footprint and hopefully an incredibly energy efficient crossing.

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