All coming together

It’s been a little while since a post – but this is only because we’ve been so busy. There may be another rowing partner in the mix, and there have been significant moves on all fronts.

First off – thanks to Easirider in Northampton – Charles and his team hand make bespoke sheepskin products and have sewn up a number of seat covers for us to trial over the next few months before we make a final choice, initial results? Very comfortable indeed.

We’ve been a blighted by the weather recently – and two trips to Rutland have had to be put off due to high winds. Before anyone has a quip, its not on the water that I’m concerned about but getting there and back with the boat on a trailer. I’m hoping that we can get out before the last week in May, but with the ball next week, followed by my RYA First Aid the week after the weekends are getting fuller all he time. If its not possible then we’ll have to head into our first Sea Trial in the last weekend in May without an in land trip to Rutland to trial the auto helm assembly.

Great news on the Sponsorship front – we’ve got a fantastic sponsor but are just waiting to get the authorisation to make the announcement – and there three or four more in the mix – things are really moving and this entire enterprise feels very real now.

A great day today, doing that I do best, finished sanding and painting the the coating repair that’s been an ongoing project for a little while now, and painted the rowing rails, I decided to do these red so they can be easily picked out and avoided on a pitching deck.

Then onto the para anchor, out, checked and re-stowed. Jetboil burners tested with the outcome that one needs to be replaced. Never mind at least its better than two being duff and finally – the recharging system for the sat phones all checked and verified – another tick in the box.

I’m a lot better at this than fundraising sadly – if only it was a case of getting things ready and just pushing off!!!

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