Time to get a few things out in the open, I’m struggling. There you have it. Juggling too many things and all of them are a top priority and really important. Training, boat and equipment preparation, websites, media, press, and money. And while the first bunch are within my effort levels (even if it does mean getting up at 05:00 to get a rowing machine session in) its the last which I’m struggling with.

After reaching out to over 100 businesses  – most local, some regional and a few National there have been no concrete offers of Sponsorship. I’m starting to wonder whether this epic venture will actually fly…. well float.

With a massive personal investment and a huge passion for making this happen  – I have to admit I cant do it alone.

This lack of traction and support does make me wonder and does make me very introspective. What is it about the project that people aren’t prepared to support or engage with? Is it a reflection on me? Or of my passion? Why do people I thought were friends ignore or overlook… Or is it just not big enough to pierce peoples personal bubbles?

At the moment I’m waking up at least three times through the night fretting and worrying about whether I’ll make it, whether everything will become unblocked and we’ll get to La Gomera for the start,  or even whether ‘people’ believe me to be serious or committed or capable.

In the words of the gone but by no means forgotten songsmith George Michael ‘Cause I gotta have faith….’

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